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The Great Eight: California’s Top Cannabis Brands in 2024

Lumpy's: The Artisan Touch in Cannabis Crafting Unique StrainsLumpy's Flowers, a boutique cannabis brand, has carved out a niche with its curated strains like Jane Dough and Reckless Rainbow This brand is recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality, focusing...

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Vallejo Relief Center’s annual 4/20 Celebration:  Honoring California’s Cannabis Culture

VRC's 4/20 Celebration: A Day to interact with the Vallejo cannabis community and the most elite brands across California. Join us for an incredible 4/20 celebration at Vallejo Relief Center! We’ll be kickin’ it all day with incredible food, vendors galore, and a...

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Napa Valley Gateway: Vallejo Relief Center’s Premier Cannabis Experience

Welcome to Vallejo Relief Center, the cornerstone of your Napa Valley adventure. Here, we merge Vallejo's vibrant culture with an unparalleled cannabis selection, setting the stage for a journey as enriching as it is memorable. Whether you're a local aficionado or a...

Vallejo’s Hidden Gem: The Ultimate Cannabis Experience at Vallejo Relief Center

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Vallejo, the Vallejo Relief Center isn't just a dispensary — it's a cornerstone of the Vallejo community, offering an unparalleled experience featuring the best  high end cannabis products from across the state. As a proud local...

6 Top Cannabis Brands to look out for in 2024

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The cannabis industry is rich with innovation and quality as leaders emerge with unique approaches to cultivation, product development, and consumer engagement. These trailblazers are setting high standards with their premium strains, potent concentrates, and revolutionary products that are not only tailored to enhance user experience but also to promote sustainability and safety. They excel in creating a diverse range of products that cater to both connoisseurs and casual consumers, offering everything from exclusive, aromatic strains to high-efficiency vapes and discreet, portable solutions. With a commitment to purity, artisanal processes, and cutting-edge technology, the market leaders in the cannabis sector are redefining the boundaries of potency and flavor. Their products stand out for their quality and craftsmanship, delivering unparalleled experiences to users. As the industry grows, these brands are at the forefront, pushing the limits of what cannabis can offer while setting trends that will shape the future of cannabis consumption globally.

Connected Cannabis Co.: A California Legacy Brand

Connected Cannabis Co product and logo

Elevating Cannabis Craftsmanship

Connected Cannabis Co. has firmly established itself as a luminary in the realm of premium cannabis, offering an unparalleled selection of flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and more. With a dedication to best-in-class genetics and the highest quality flower, Connected has become a cornerstone for connoisseurs seeking the pinnacle of cannabis excellence. This brand is a celebration of cannabis culture, dedicated to those who appreciate the finer aspects of the cannabis experience.

Rooted in Excellence

Connected’s journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. With locations spanning Stockton, Sacramento, and San Francisco, Connected serves as a beacon for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, providing access to the newest strains and the best deals on premium indoor cannabis. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every product, from their live resin vapes to their meticulously cultivated flowers.

Signature Strains and Cultivated Collaborations

Connected’s product lineup is a testament to their mastery over cannabis cultivation and production. Noteworthy offerings such as Gelonade, Cherry Fade, Nightshade, and Biscotti live resin vapes showcase the brand’s dedication to flavor, potency, and purity. The flower collection, featuring strains like Biscotti, Nightshade, and Gelonade, exemplifies Connected’s commitment to superior genetics and cultivation practices.

In addition to their stellar product range, Connected has engaged in strategic collaborations, notably with Lost Farm, to introduce strain-specific, plant-based THC edibles infused with 100% live resin. These limited edition edibles, featuring strains like Biscotti, Gelonade, and Guava 2.0, highlight Connected’s innovative spirit and dedication to creating unique, true-to-the-plant experiences.

A Commitment to Cannabis Culture

Connected Cannabis Co. stands as a testament to the power of premium genetics and a deep respect for the cannabis plant. Their approach goes beyond mere production, aiming to enrich the cannabis community with products that reflect a true passion for the craft. Connected is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle, embodying the essence of cannabis culture and the pursuit of excellence.

 The Future is Connected

As Connected Cannabis Co. continues to evolve, their foundation remains rooted in the principles of quality, innovation, and community. With a keen eye on the future, Connected is poised to remain at the forefront of the cannabis industry, introducing new strains, products, and collaborations that cater to the discerning tastes of cannabis enthusiasts. Connected Cannabis Co. is more than a brand—it’s a destination for those who seek the ultimate in cannabis quality and experience.

Doja Exclusive: A Beacon of Authenticity in the Cannabis World

Redefining Cannabis Excellence

Deep  in the heart of Sacramento, CA, Doja Pak aka Doja Exclusive emerges as a bastion of genuine cannabis culture, swiftly ascending to prominence within the industry. This brand, deeply rooted in the essence of true cannabis appreciation, has become synonymous with quality, exclusivity, and a profound connection to the cannabis lifestyle. Specializing in exclusive genetics and limited releases, Doja Exclusive transcends the ordinary, embodying the spirit of the cannabis community.

Innovative Leadership and Commitment

Under the innovative leadership of Ryan Bartholomew, Doja Exclusive has flourished, embodying the vision of a brand that stands as a tribute to the enduring spirit of cannabis culture. Bartholomew’s stewardship has propelled Doja into the limelight, championing the cause of the underdogs that have emerged to the top within the California cannabis industry. His dedication to cultivating top-tier cannabis resonates with those who value authenticity and quality above all.

Signature Offerings and Strategic Collaborations

At the forefront of Doja Exclusive’s offerings are its signature strains: RS11, Permanent Marker, and Giraffe Puzzy. These strains have captivated aficionados and casual consumers alike, setting a new benchmark for what premium cannabis can be. The brand’s unwavering commitment to unique genetics ensures that each product is a celebration of flavor, potency, and the cannabis experience.

Doja Exclusive’s strategic collaborations have further cemented its status as a leader in the cannabis market with groups like the underground cult classics dropped by the Backpack Boyz. These partnerships, forged with pioneers and innovators in the field, underscore Doja’s commitment to excellence and its influential role in shaping the future of cannabis.

A Legacy Rooted in Cannabis Culture

Doja Exclusive stands as a living legacy of authentic cannabis culture, established with reverence for the plant and its storied past. The brand represents the essence of good weed and the vibrant culture that surrounds it, embodying the joy of the last hit on a joint that leaves you longing for more. Doja Exclusive is both a nod to cannabis history and a forward-looking venture into its promising future.

The Future is Green and Exclusive

With a future as bright as its strains, Doja Exclusive continues to grow, grounded in its core values of quality, community, and cultural authenticity. Led by Ryan Bartholomew and supported by a team of cannabis veterans, Doja is on a mission to enchant the world with its exclusive genetics and eagerly anticipated drops. The journey with Doja Direct promises an endless exploration of cannabis excellence, inviting all to be part of the next chapter in cannabis innovation.

STIIIZY: California’s Standard in Cannabis Innovation and Quality

Stiiizy products and logo

STIIIZY emerges as a leader in the cannabis industry, renowned for its comprehensive range of high-quality cannabis products, including flower, extracts, vapes, and pods. With a foundation built on innovation, convenience, and quality, STIIIZY has grown into a prominent lifestyle brand within the cannabis community, extending its influence across California and beyond. The brand’s commitment to revolutionizing the cannabis experience is evident in its advanced product offerings and superior quality.

Innovative Leadership and Vision

Founded with a vision to transform the cannabis market, STIIIZY has been driven by a commitment to excellence and consumer satisfaction. The brand’s introduction of cutting-edge products and technologies has established new industry standards, focusing on purity, potency, and ease of use for consumers.

Signature Products and Market Presence

STIIIZY’s diverse product lineup is a testament to its innovative approach, designed to cater to a wide array of consumer preferences:

  • Original THC Pods: These flagship products highlight STIIIZY’s dedication to delivering a pure and potent cannabis experience.
  • Live Resin and Live Rosin Products: Capturing the essence of the cannabis plant, these offerings provide a flavorful and high-quality experience.
  • LIIIL Disposables: For those seeking convenience without compromising quality, these all-in-one THC pens are the perfect solution.
  • STIIIZY Flower: From the premium selections of Black Label, Grey Label, to White Label, STIIIZY caters to all levels of cannabis connoisseurs with its flower offerings.

Commitment to Sustainability and Community

STIIIZY prioritizes sustainable cultivation methods and responsible practices, reflecting its commitment to positively impacting the environment and its consumers. Through initiatives aimed at community development and cannabis education, STIIIZY fosters a culture of knowledge and responsibility within the cannabis community.

Educational Initiatives and Industry Influence

Through its efforts to educate the cannabis community, STIIIZY plays a crucial role in elevating consumer knowledge on essential topics, from understanding different strains to the benefits of cannabis products. These educational endeavors aim to cultivate a more sophisticated and appreciative cannabis market.

STIIIZY continues to redefine the California cannabis industry through its commitment to innovation, quality, and community engagement. With a wide range of products that set the standard for excellence, along with initiatives that promote sustainability and education, STIIIZY remains at the forefront of enhancing the cannabis culture and experience. As the brand looks to the future, it stays true to its mission of providing accessible, enjoyable, and responsible cannabis experiences.

710 Labs: Synthesizing Artisanal Excellence and Environmental Stewardship

710 Labs oil and logo

710 Labs continues to remain a symbol of artisanal cannabis concentrates and flowers, deeply rooted in the rich soil of California’s cannabis culture. This pioneering group is synonymous with purity, innovation, and a profound commitment to environmental stewardship, offering a product line that represents the pinnacle of cannabis quality. Within the competitive landscape of the cannabis market, 710 Labs is an industry leader in the world  AAA 6 star quality and a purveyor of sustainability.

Founding Vision and Leadership

The visionary  behind 710 Labs, Brad Melshenker, has steered the company into uncharted territories of cannabis cultivation and product development. Melshenker’s fervent passion for cannabis and unwavering dedication to crafting superior products resonate through the company’s ethos. 710 Labs’ mission transcends the mere production of cannabis, aiming to elevate the consumer experience through an unwavering focus on quality, potency, and environmental consciousness.

Prominence in California’s Cannabis Market

In California’s bustling cannabis market, 710 Labs distinguishes itself with its artisanal product range and pioneering efforts in sustainable cultivation. The company’s adherence to producing premier concentrates and flowers, including sought-after products like live resin, rosin, water hash, and their elite flower selections, has redefined industry benchmarks. Their commitment to transparency and quality has cemented 710 Labs’ status as a trusted member of the community among discerning cannabis aficionados.

Signature Products and Innovations

710 Labs’ product portfolio is a testament to their extraction prowess and cultivation expertise, featuring standout concentrates with unparalleled terpene profiles and potency. Their Persy Rosin, Water Hash, and Live Resin encapsulate the essence of cannabis terpene profiles, while their flower selections, such as the exotic strains “Randy Watzon” and “Lemon Tart Pucker,” are cultivated with a focus on genetic superiority and environmental sustainability. These offerings provide a potent and unadulterated cannabis experience, reflecting the company’s dedication to excellence.

Latest Strain Release and Products

710 Labs continually innovates its product line, and their latest strain release, “Z Cubed,” is a testament to their commitment to offering unique and high-quality cannabis experiences. This strain, known for its complex flavor profile and robust effects, exemplifies 710 Labs’ mastery in selecting and cultivating distinctive genetics. Alongside “Persy-Cherry Zest,” the company has introduced a new line of Persy Rosin Vape Pens, combining their signature concentrate quality with the convenience of portable vaping.

Sustainable Cultivation Contributions

710 Labs leads the way in sustainable cannabis cultivation, employing eco-friendly practices that underscore their commitment to the planet. Through organic farming techniques, the avoidance of harmful pesticides, and the efficient use of natural resources, 710 Labs nurtures their plants in harmony with the environment. Their extraction processes are also designed to be environmentally considerate, ensuring that their products are beneficial for both consumers and the earth.

Educational Initiatives and Community Engagement

Beyond their product innovations, 710 Labs is dedicated to educating the cannabis community about sustainable cultivation and the significance of high-quality cannabis. Through various platforms, including workshops, social media, and public events, they disseminate their extensive knowledge and passion, fostering informed consumption and a deeper appreciation for the art and science of cannabis.


710 Labs epitomizes the pinnacle of cannabis craftsmanship and ecological responsibility, setting itself apart in the California cannabis market with its innovative products and dedication to sustainability. As the company continues to innovate and lead by example, it inspires both consumers and the industry at large to prioritize quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship in the quest for the ultimate cannabis experience.

Backpack Boyz: Pure Fun

Backpack Boyz products and logo

In the heart of the cannabis landscape, Backpack Boyz has not just emerged as a brand but as a cultural phenomenon, redefining the essence of cannabis through innovation, quality, and a deep-rooted lifestyle ethos. The documentary “Backpack Boyz: Crafted in the Streets” peels back the layers of this iconic brand, revealing the visionary zeal of CEO Juan Quesada and the transformative journey of Backpack Boyz from a budding idea to a lifestyle emblem.

The Visionary Path of Juan Quesada

The narrative of Backpack Boyz is intricately woven with the ambitions and foresight of Juan Quesada, whose leadership has been pivotal in sculpting the brand’s identity. Quesada’s journey is a testament to the power of vision and innovation in transcending traditional market boundaries, embedding a rich cultural and lifestyle ethos into the very DNA of Backpack Boyz.

Beyond Cannabis: A Lifestyle Revolution

Backpack Boyz stands at the intersection of premium cannabis production and cultural lifestyle, crafting a unique identity that resonates deeply within the cannabis community. This blend of high-quality cannabis with a vibrant brand lifestyle has cultivated a dedicated following, drawn not just to the products but to the lifestyle Backpack Boyz epitomizes.

Signature Strains as Cultural Icons

Central to Backpack Boyz’s influence on cannabis culture are its signature strains, which have set new standards for flavor, potency, and quality. Strains such as “Lemon Cherry Gelato,” “White Cherry Gelato,” and “5 Points LA” stand as hallmarks of the brand’s commitment to excellence. These strains, celebrated for their unique flavor profiles and high potency, have not only captivated consumers but also underscored Backpack Boyz’s role in driving innovation and craftsmanship in the cannabis industry.

Shaping the Future of Cannabis Culture

As Backpack Boyz continues to evolve, its impact extends beyond the present, shaping the future of cannabis culture. Through its signature strains and commitment to quality, the brand is at the forefront of a cultural renaissance in cannabis, influencing not just consumer preferences but also inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs. The documentary highlights how Backpack Boyz’s journey offers invaluable insights into achieving success in the cannabis industry, emphasizing the importance of a strong brand identity, community engagement, and innovation.

A Top down approach

Backpack Boyz’s story is a compelling narrative of innovation, culture, and community, marked by its signature strains and the visionary leadership of Juan Quesada. As the brand continues to influence the cannabis landscape, it stands as a beacon for the future, illustrating the potential of cannabis to transcend its traditional confines and become a lifestyle in its own right. For those intrigued by the fusion of cannabis and culture, Backpack Boyz represents the pinnacle of what the industry can achieve when passion meets innovation.

Alien Labs: Cultivating Excellence and Community in the Cannabis Industry

Alien Labs cannabis product and logo

Alien Labs stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in California’s cannabis market, underpinned by the visionary leadership of founder Ted Lidie and his team. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of cannabis cultivation, combined with a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of the consumer experience, sets Alien Labs apart in a crowded field.

Innovative Cultivation Practices

Alien Labs distinguishes itself through its cutting-edge cultivation practices, which are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. The team employs a blend of traditional horticultural techniques and modern technology to optimize the growth environment for their cannabis plants. This includes precision-controlled environments that ensure the ideal temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions, alongside organic soil mediums and nutrient regimens tailored to enhance the natural terpene and cannabinoid profiles of each strain.

The selection of genetics is a meticulous process at Alien Labs, focusing on unique and exotic strains that promise not only high potency but also a rich, flavorful experience. This dedication to genetic excellence involves rigorous testing and phenotyping to identify the best expressions of each strain, ensuring that only the top-tier genetics make it to the market under the Alien Labs brand.

Community Engagement and Education

Beyond their cultivation success, Alien Labs is deeply invested in community engagement and educational efforts. Recognizing the power of informed consumers, the brand actively participates in community events, cannabis education forums, and social media platforms to share their knowledge and passion for cannabis. Through these channels, Alien Labs aims to demystify cannabis cultivation, highlight the importance of quality and sustainability, and foster a more informed and respectful cannabis culture.

Their educational initiatives extend to advocating for responsible consumption and understanding the nuances of different strains and their effects. By providing detailed information about their cultivation practices and the unique characteristics of their strains, Alien Labs empowers consumers to make informed choices that enhance their cannabis experience.

Impacting the Cannabis Industry

The combination of Alien Labs’ innovative cultivation practices and their commitment to community engagement and education is making a significant impact on the cannabis industry. By setting high standards for product quality and sustainability, they are raising the bar for what consumers can expect from cannabis brands. Furthermore, their efforts to educate and engage with the community are helping to build a more knowledgeable and respectful cannabis culture, which is essential for the industry’s continued growth and acceptance.

Under the guidance of Ted Lidie and his dedicated team, Alien Labs is redefining excellence in the cannabis industry through its advanced cultivation practices, commitment to quality, and active engagement with the cannabis community. Their approach not only results in superior cannabis products but also contributes to a more informed and inclusive industry. As Alien Labs continues to innovate and educate, it remains at the forefront of shaping the future of cannabis culture and industry standards.

The Best Cannabis Brands Are Found At Vallejo Relief Center

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