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6 Top Cannabis Brands to look out for in 2024

The cannabis industry is rich with innovation and quality as leaders emerge with unique approaches to cultivation, product development, and consumer engagement. These trailblazers are setting high standards with their premium strains, potent concentrates, and...

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The Great Eight: California’s Top Cannabis Brands in 2024

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Lumpy’s: The Artisan Touch in Cannabis

Crafting Unique Strains
Lumpy’s Flowers, a boutique cannabis brand, has carved out a niche with its curated strains like Jane Dough and Reckless Rainbow This brand is recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality, focusing on delivering distinctive flavors and effects through rigorous cultivation practices. With a “quality over quantity” philosophy, Lumpy’s has built a reputation for producing premium cannabis that appeals to both seasoned connoisseurs and new consumers.

Rooted in Quality
Lumpy’s small-batch cultivation practices ensure that each plant receives personalized care to reach its fullest potential. The company employs a hands-on approach throughout cultivation and production, meticulously controlling every step. From seed to sale, their focus remains on consistent, potent, and highly palatable strains. Each variety is nurtured to enhance its terpene profile, potency, and quality, providing consumers with an experience that keeps them coming back.

Signature Strains and Limited Editions
Signature strains like the  Wu-Sah, Truffle Runtz,Trill, Reckless Rainbow, LAX, Jane Dough and PB & Jane distinguish Lumpy’s from larger competitors. PB & Jane has a sweet, fruity flavor with powerful gassy notes providing headstrong effects, Reckless Rainbow and Truffle Runtz combine tropical fruit with classic acrid and gassy overtones. These strains embody Lumpy’s dedication to superior genetics and rigorous cultivation. Their limited-edition releases frequently feature new and exclusive strains, intriguing consumers and fostering a loyal customer base eager to explore each new offering.

Beyond their regular lineup, Lumpy’s captivates customers with seasonal strains and collaborations that offer unique flavor profiles. These limited-edition strains often feature special genetics and unique crosses that are hard to find elsewhere, creating an exclusive and exciting experience.

Community-Centric Approach
Lumpy’s Flowers distinguishes itself not just through its products but also through its community-centric approach. The brand advocates for fair business practices and ensures operations align with industry regulations. Lumpy’s openly shares its passion for high-quality cannabis with the broader community by actively supporting cannabis education and advocacy initiatives.

By engaging with consumers through local events, social media, and educational content, Lumpy’s strengthens its bond with loyal customers. This interaction allows them to understand consumer needs better and adapt their cultivation and product development accordingly. Their efforts have also made them a respected name among boutique cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate the brand’s dedication to quality and transparency.

Meet the CEO and Owner: Josh Veal
Lumpy’s was founded by Josh Veal, a cultivator and cannabis enthusiast with a deep-rooted passion for quality strains. Josh brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, meticulously overseeing every aspect of the cultivation process to ensure the highest standards are met. All while boasting the largest “in-house” genetic library in California with a grower-led operation, Lumpy’s continues to set the standard for artisanal cannabis.

Worth Their Weight in Gold
Lumpy’s has solidified its reputation as a premier cannabis brand by adopting a meticulous, hands-on approach to cultivation and production, with distinct signature strains to showcase the company’s exemplary commitment to quality genetics and innovative breeding. Their community-focused mindset cements Lumpy’s as a beloved name in the industry. By prioritizing fair practices, exceptional products, and genuine consumer engagement, Lumpy’s has successfully set a new standard in boutique cannabis.

Raw Garden: Mastery of Concentrates

Refining Cannabis Extracts
Raw Garden has firmly cemented its place as a leader in cannabis extraction, focusing primarily on creating superior concentrates that capture the essence of the plant. Their reputation rests on a commitment to producing high-quality extracts, ensuring that each product provides a unique flavor profile and consistent effects. By refining their approach to extraction over the years, Raw Garden has mastered the delicate art of delivering a flavorful, potent cannabis experience.

Rooted in Innovation
Innovation is the cornerstone of Raw Garden’s extraction techniques. By using cutting-edge methods, they retain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in their products. This meticulous approach ensures that the authentic flavors and aromas of each strain are preserved, providing consumers with a taste and experience true to the plant. The result is a diverse range of concentrates that deliver distinctive and enjoyable effects.

Raw Garden achieves this by maintaining strict control over their cultivation and production processes. Every strain is grown with care on their farm in Santa Barbara County, where the company meticulously monitors the health and quality of the plants to ensure optimal extraction results.

Signature Extracts and Strains
Raw Garden’s signature products, including live resins, sauce, and vape cartridges, reflect their dedication to crafting unique, potent cannabis concentrates. Their extensive genetic library allows them to consistently produce high-quality extracts that cater to a wide range of tastes. Popular strains like Watermelon Kush, Lemon Fuel OG, Sunshine Kush, Funkin Amazing and  Slymetreme have become popular varieties  among concentrate enthusiasts.

Live resins capture the full terpene profile of freshly harvested cannabis, offering a robust flavor and potent effects. Meanwhile, Raw Garden’s vape cartridges are designed for convenient use without sacrificing the quality of the extract inside. Each product is carefully formulated to highlight the unique properties of the strain from which it’s derived, providing an unparalleled experience for users.

Owners and Founders of Raw Garden

The success of Raw Garden is rooted in the vision and leadership of its key founders and owners, Khalid Al-Naser, John De Friel, and Thomas Martin. Their strategic insight and passion for quality have positioned the company as a leader in cannabis extraction. With an ambrosia of experience among the 3 leaders of the company created one of the most influential brands in the California cannabis market.

Commitment to Purity
Raw Garden prioritizes purity by adhering to sustainable farming and extraction practices. Their cultivation methods and requirements with partner farms involve minimal intervention, using organic fertilizers, and avoiding harmful chemicals to maintain the health of their plants and soil. This sustainable approach helps produce clean, high-quality cannabis that serves as the foundation for their exceptional extracts.

Once harvested, the plants undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure the absence of contaminants and maintain a consistent level of cannabinoids and terpenes. The extracted concentrates are also thoroughly tested, ensuring that they remain free from additives or fillers. This transparency and dedication to quality have earned Raw Garden the trust and loyalty of customers who value pure, reliable products.

Raw Garden’s mastery over cannabis extraction has allowed them to create concentrates that offer unparalleled flavor and effects. Their dedication to innovation and purity ensures that each product is meticulously crafted, capturing the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes for an authentic cannabis experience. By prioritizing sustainable cultivation and transparent practices, Raw Garden stands out as a pioneer in delivering consistent, high-quality concentrates that set a new standard in the cannabis industry.

LIT Farms: Pioneering Unique Hybrids

Innovative Breeding and Genetics
LIT Farms (Lost in Translation) has made a name for itself in the cannabis industry through its innovative breeding practices, creating a variety of hybrid strains that cater to a broad range of tastes. Their approach to developing new strains is rooted in a commitment to quality breeding techniques, which yield potent and flavorful hybrids. These hybrids combine distinctive flavors and effects, allowing the brand to appeal to different preferences and establish itself as a leader in the art of cannabis genetics.

Rooted in Genetic Diversity
LIT Farms builds its success on a foundation of diverse genetics. They have curated a vast genetic library that allows them to explore new and exciting combinations. This focus on genetic diversity helps the brand develop unique hybrids that provide a novel experience for consumers, setting them apart in a competitive market.

Their breeding team uses this genetic pool to experiment with new crosses and refine existing strains. By carefully selecting parent plants, they ensure each new hybrid brings out the best traits of its lineage, resulting in cultivars that boast impressive flavor profiles, strong aromas, and unique effects.

Ray Schiavone and Tahoe Hydroponics
Behind LIT Farms’ success is Ray Schiavone, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for cannabis cultivation. Ray Schiavone founded LIT Farms with the vision of revolutionizing the cannabis industry through innovative breeding techniques and keeping his finger on the pulse by providing a popping catalog of genetic diversity.

Prior to founding LIT Farms, Ray Schiavone gained invaluable experience in cannabis cultivation through his involvement with Tahoe Hydroponics, a renowned hydro shop buried in the heart of the Sierras. At Tahoe Hydroponics, Schiavone honed his skills, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors at LIT Farms.

Tahoe Hydroponics, under Schiavone’s leadership, earned a reputation for excellence in producing premium cannabis products across the Golden State. Ray’s tenure at Tahoe Hydroponics provided him with invaluable insights into the intricacies of cannabis cultivation, from fine-tuning critical environmental factors to optimize plant performance to know how to meet the needs of a broad range of clientele. 

Signature Strains and Collaboration
Signature strains like MoonBow and Bahama Mama highlight LIT Farms’ prowess in genetic blending. MoonBow, a cross between Zkittlez and Do-Si-Dos, boasts sweet, candy-like flavors and euphoric effects. Bahama Mama, a blend of Tropicana Cookies and Black Bananas, delivers a potent, tropical aroma with energizing effects.

Collaborations with other breeders and growers have enabled LIT Farms to expand its portfolio, providing consumers with an even wider array of hybrids. These partnerships enrich their genetic library and broaden their understanding of emerging trends and preferences within the cannabis community.

Dedication to Consumers
LIT Farms places a strong emphasis on consumer feedback, shaping their breeding projects and product lineup based on evolving palettes. They actively engage with their customer base through social media, local events, and educational content. This interaction ensures their products align with the needs and desires of their audience.

Final Thoughts
LIT Farms continues to stand out in the cannabis industry through its innovative approach to breeding. Their signature strains, including MoonBow and Bahama Mama, reflect their expertise in creating unique flavors and effects. Furthermore, partnerships with other breeders and growers ensure a steady flow of fresh genetics.

Their unwavering dedication to consumer needs and pioneering spirit positions LIT Farms at the forefront of cannabis breeding. Their hybrids embody innovation, quality, and creativity, appealing to both enthusiasts and newcomers. As the industry evolves, LIT Farms remains committed to delivering top-tier hybrids that reflect the vibrant future of cannabis cultivation.

Dime Industries: Precision in Cannabis Concentrate Technology

Innovating Cannabis Hardware
Dime Industries has distinguished itself as a leader in the cannabis industry by crafting high-quality hardware, specializing in advanced vape cartridges, batteries, and disposable vapes. Their meticulous attention to detail in engineering and design ensures an effortless and seamless user experience, offering consumers premium products that reflect the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation. Their combination of cutting-edge technology with reliable performance has cemented their reputation as a preferred choice for cannabis hardware.

Rooted in Quality
The brand is rooted in the philosophy that precision engineering and strict quality control are paramount. Dime Industries’ commitment to these principles is reflected in every step of their production process. They use only the best materials and components to ensure that their devices deliver consistent, efficient performance. This unwavering focus on quality extends to every product they offer, from batteries to cartridges, providing a reliable and enjoyable experience for every consumer.

Signature Hardware and Extracts
Dime Industries is known for its signature hardware, including the Dime Battery and disposable vapes, which pair seamlessly with a range of potent cannabis extracts. The Dime Battery stands out for its high-capacity performance and compatibility with Dime cartridges, delivering a customizable and high-quality vaping experience. Disposable vapes offer a convenient solution for those on the go, providing the same premium extracts and performance in a compact, user-friendly design.

The brand’s extracts are carefully formulated to provide consistent potency and flavor. By combining their high-quality extracts with innovative hardware, Dime Industries ensures that each puff offers a robust and satisfying experience.

The Man Behind the Brand
Dime Industries was founded by Mike Marz, an industry vet who shared a passion for producing high-quality cannabis concentrates. Marz utilized his extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry from his early start in 1998. After arriving from Sweden with his family, he eventually built a highly reputable brand that excels in capturing the plant’s essence through innovative extraction methods.

Their team consists of specialists in engineering, design, and extraction, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise. This multidisciplinary group oversees every stage of product development, meticulously crafting and rigorously testing each product to ensure consistent quality and a premium user experience. Mike helped to set a new standard for high-quality cannabis concentrates, establishing Dime Industries as a leader in the industry.

Unique Presence in California
Dime Industries has carved out a distinctive presence in the California cannabis market by consistently delivering products that resonate with the evolving needs of consumers. They have become known for providing dependable, efficient hardware that enables enthusiasts to enjoy the best extracts without compromise. Their attention to consumer feedback and their drive for continuous improvement ensures that Dime remains at the forefront of the industry.

Beyond the technical quality of their products, Dime Industries has also cultivated a strong brand identity that emphasizes transparency, reliability, and premium quality. This approach has resonated deeply with California’s cannabis community, where discerning consumers value products that deliver consistent results.

Commitment to Consumers
Dime Industries takes customer satisfaction seriously, offering comprehensive customer service to address any concerns or issues consumers may encounter. Their dedication to transparency and reliability has fostered strong customer loyalty, reinforcing their reputation as a trusted provider of premium cannabis hardware.

Dime Industries has successfully positioned itself as a leader in precision-engineered cannabis hardware through its focus on quality and innovative design. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and maintaining strict quality standards, they continue to set new benchmarks in vape technology. The unwavering commitment of founders Adrian Franco and Sebastian Meier to providing premium products has ensured that Dime Industries remains a respected name in the California cannabis market.

Cookies: Crafting a Distinct Identity in Cannabis

Elevating Cannabis Experiences
Cookies has quickly risen to prominence in the cannabis world, becoming a household name through its innovative approach to cannabis product development and branding. Founded by rapper and entrepreneur Berner, Cookies is celebrated for its popping and distinct dispensaries allng with unique cannabis strains that deliver a broad range of palatable flavors to consumers. Their focus on creating distinctive genetics has resulted in popular strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Cereal Milk, The Soap, and Gary Payton that cater to the connoisseur’s world.

Rooted in Innovation
Innovation is at the heart of Cookies’ success, as the brand strives to develop a unique presence that consistently elevate the consumer experience. Their expansive network of dispensaries across the United States and abroad provides easy access to their signature genetics and curated products. By focusing on distinctive genetics, Berner and his team have ensured that Cookies remain synonymous with premium high-quality cannabis.

Their relentless pursuit of innovation extends to the creation of edibles, concentrates, and vape cartridges, providing consumers with a wide variety of ways to enjoy the brand’s offerings. Every product is designed to capture the essence of the strain, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience.

Signature Strains and Collaborations
Signature strains like Cherry Pie, Gelatti, and London Pound Cake distinguish Cookies from its competitors by offering unique flavor profiles and potent effects. Cereal Milk is known for its sweet, creamy flavor, while Gelatti combines fruity and minty notes for a refreshing experience. London Pound Cake features a gassy sweetness that’s balanced by a smooth, relaxing high. These strains reflect Berner and his team’s dedication to creating high-quality cannabis genetics that appeal to both casual users and connoisseurs.

Collaborations with renowned cannabis breeders and cultivators have broadened Cookies’ range of offerings, helping to create new and exciting products. Their partnerships have resulted in innovative strains that enhance the brand’s reputation for quality and reliability. Each collaboration is carefully curated to ensure the final product meets the high standards expected by Cookies’ customer base.

The Founders and Their Vision
Cookies was founded by Berner, whose real name is Gilbert Milam Jr., and Jai, a prominent cultivator and breeder. Berner brought his passion for music and cannabis culture together to create a brand that is both innovative and authentic. Jai’s expertise in cannabis cultivation has helped build Cookies’ reputation for developing unique, high-quality strains. Their shared vision was to create a brand that stood out not only for its genetics but also for the lifestyle it represents. 

Commitment to Community
Cookies demonstrates its commitment to community by fostering an inclusive environment and actively participating in social equity initiatives. The brand reflects values that align with positive change, promoting diversity within the cannabis industry and supporting minority-owned businesses. They strive to educate consumers about cannabis, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Cookies, led by Berner and Jai, has firmly established itself as a pioneer in the cannabis industry through its innovative products and distinctive branding. Signature strains like Cereal Milk and Gelatti continue to captivate consumers, while their wide network of dispensaries makes high-quality cannabis accessible. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and social responsibility ensures that Cookies remain at the forefront of cannabis culture, setting new standards in the rapidly evolving industry.

Sherbinskis: Luxury Cannabis Redefined

Distinctive Strains, Sophisticated Branding
Sherbinskis has redefined luxury in the cannabis industry by offering products that reflect a high-end lifestyle. Known for its distinctive strains and sophisticated branding, Sherbinskis has made a mark with signature strains like Sunset Sherbert and Gelato. These strains exemplify the brand’s dedication to creating cannabis that is both potent and flavorful, appealing to those who appreciate the finer aspects of the plant.

Rooted in Artistry
Sherbinskis takes an artistic approach to cannabis, blending superior genetics with distinctive branding to deliver a luxurious experience for enthusiasts. Founded by Mario Guzman, known affectionately as Mr. Sherbinski, the brand’s core is rooted in creativity and quality. Guzman was initially a grower and breeder who experimented with different strains, eventually developing the widely popular Gelato strain. His artistic vision continues to shape Sherbinskis, creating an aura that marries genetics with visual flair.

Their signature bright orange packaging is easily recognizable, emphasizing Sherbinskis’ commitment to standing out in the market. Every aspect, from their distinctive branding to the meticulous cultivation of their strains, is crafted to offer an unparalleled experience.

Signature Strains and Products
Sherbinskis has earned its reputation through its iconic strains like Gelato, Acai Berry Gelato, and Pink Panties, which deliver rich flavors and potent effects. Gelato, their most recognized strain, boasts a creamy sweetness and balanced effects that appeal to a wide audience. Acai Berry Gelato blends berry flavors with hints of earthiness, while Pink Panties provides a fruity and calming experience.

The brand’s vape pens and pre-rolls are carefully crafted to uphold their quality standard, offering consumers a convenient yet luxurious way to enjoy these iconic strains. Each product is designed to capture the distinct flavors and effects of the strains, ensuring that enthusiasts receive the full experience.

Founders and Unique Presence
Mario Guzman, the founder and visionary behind Sherbinskis, shaped the brand through his passion for genetics and artistry. Guzman initially grew cannabis as a hobby before honing his skills and creating the world-renowned Gelato strain. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to quality have guided Sherbinskis to become synonymous with luxury cannabis.

The brand’s distinctive presence in California’s cannabis market comes from its consistent dedication to quality and innovation. Sherbinskis is often seen as a symbol of the state’s progressive cannabis culture, appealing to consumers seeking high-quality products that represent their lifestyle. Their network of dispensaries and strong relationships with growers ensures they remain accessible to enthusiasts.

Community Engagement and Collaboration
Sherbinskis maintains strong ties to the cannabis community through partnerships and collaborations. By aligning with like-minded organizations, Sherbinskis contributes to the industry’s growth and supports social equity initiatives that foster inclusivity. He regularly engages with his audience through educational content, events, and partnerships that promote responsible consumption.

Sherbinskis has firmly established himself as a leader in luxury cannabis by combining distinctive branding with sophisticated genetics. His signature strains like Gelato continue to captivate consumers, while their emphasis on quality ensures a high-end experience for enthusiasts. Mario Guzman’s artistic vision and dedication to community engagement position Sherbinskis at the forefront of the California cannabis market, offering an experience that is both innovative and luxurious.

Midzotics: Merging Personality with Quality

Crafting Heritage Strains
Midzotics is a boutique cannabis brand that masterfully blends style, quality and proper branding. Midzotics has created a distinctive line of high-quality, potent products, focusing on “Affordable fire for the cost conscious custy” that appeal to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike.” Exotic Strains at a mid-level price” reinforces their commitment to providing the best of the California weed scene for any budget and enabled founder Matt Shotwell to carve out a unique presence statewide. 

Signature Strains and Terpene Profiles
Midzotics’ signature strains, such as Midzotics OG and Sherbzotics, offer a wide variety of distinct terpene profiles that cater to a wide range of preferences. Midzotics OG provides that rich, earthy aroma with a hint of pine and gas, delivering a balanced effect that appeals to everyday cannabis users. Sherbzotics, on the other hand, combines fruity and gassy floral notes with a potent, euphoric high that’s well-suited for those seeking a more cerebral experience.

Each strain reflects the brand’s dedication to maintaining superior genetics. The diverse terpene profiles ensure that every product has its own unique profile, flavor, and effect, providing consumers with all options to suit their weed needs.

Founder and Leadership: Matt Shotwell
Matt Shotwell, the founder of Midzotics, is a charismatic visionary entrepreneur known for his innovative approach to the cannabis industry. Shotwell has established the brand as a pioneer and former industry trap vet who prides himself on high-quality cannabis concentrates  and flowers by combining his deep industry knowledge with a passion for superior products with a memorable flare to his branding style. 

Community Impact
Midzotics engages its consumer base through education and advocacy, fostering a positive and well-informed community vibe. He regularly shares great content on his social media platforms and participates in local cannabis events to promote new releases and share in his love for the plant. His advocacy for transparency in cultivation and production reflects their commitment to building trust within the industry.

Standing the Test of Time
Midzotics stands out in California’s cannabis market for its ability to blend hype genetics with a not so contemporary play on the market. Founder Matt has crafted a unique brand that embodies a deep respect for cannabis consumers while pushing the boundaries of branding and marketing his company with his unforgettable flashy style. 

Signature strains like Midzotics OG and Sherbzotics reinforce his immense industry perspective and insight through his unique product lines like his  collaboration with the infamous Riff Raff. With a dedication to quality genetics and innovative marketing practices, Midzotics remains a leading name in the industry, offering a authentic cannabis experience that merges tradition with a memorable personality and brand image synonymous with quality. 

Fig Farms: California Cannabis Integrity

Cultivating Award-Winning Strains
Fig Farms
has built a solid reputation in California’s cannabis scene by consistently delivering award-winning strains that showcase the brand’s meticulous attention to detail. Each variety is grown with the utmost care, ensuring it achieves its full potential in flavor, potency, and overall quality. This dedication to excellence has earned Fig Farms numerous accolades and established it as a trusted name among cannabis connoisseurs with countless years of cultivation and breeding.

Rooted in Collaboration
Founded by Keith and Chloe Healy, Fig Farms takes a collaborative approach to cultivation. By working closely together to share their passion for quality cannabis, they foster a community spirit that is evident in the final product. Keith and Chloe emphasize transparency and trust, ensuring that each strain is cultivated and bred to the highest standards. This collaborative effort not only elevates their product but also strengthens Fig Farms’ role in California’s thriving cannabis community.

Signature Strains and Small-Batch Cultivation
Fig Farms’ signature strains, including Animal Face, Blue FaceDark Karma, Moonana Wreck, 6ixth Sense and Holy Moly embody their commitment to small-batch cultivation. Each strain is carefully curated to highlight unique flavors and effects, providing consumers with a distinctive experience. Animal Face offers a mix of nutty and pine flavors, balanced with potent cerebral effects, while Blue Face combines fruity and earthy aromas with a calming, euphoric high.

Their dedication to small-batch cultivation ensures that every plant receives individualized care, resulting in consistent, high-quality products. This attention to detail allows Fig Farms to maintain the purity of their genetics, offering consumers strains that are true to their original form while continually exploring new combinations.

Founders and Unique Presence
Keith and Chloe Healy founded Fig Farms in Sonoma, California, where they deliver exceptional cannabis products that reflect California’s diverse and dynamic cannabis culture. Their background in cannabis cultivation and expertise in marketing and branding have shaped Fig Farms into a brand known for its authenticity and commitment to quality across the Golden State.

Their unique presence in the California cannabis market stems from their ability to create products that resonate with a broad audience. By emphasizing education and transparency, they have built a loyal customer base that values the brand’s dedication to superior genetics and sustainable cultivation practices. Fig Farms’ strong relationships have allowed them to collaborate on new strains and continuously innovate their product lineup.

Community Engagement and Events
Fig Farms actively participates in local events and collaborates with other brands to strengthen the cannabis community. They regularly host educational sessions and tasting events, providing consumers with a deeper understanding of the nuances between strains. These events encourage responsible consumption and foster a sense of camaraderie among enthusiasts.

The brand also collaborates with other cannabis businesses to promote industry growth and innovation. By sharing knowledge and resources, Fig Farms helps cultivate an environment where everyone benefits, leading to a more inclusive and vibrant community.

Fig Farms stands out in California’s cannabis market for its award-winning strains, small-batch cultivation, and innovative approach to breeding. Founders Keith and Chloe Healy have cultivated a brand that embodies the spirit of California’s cannabis culture while setting new standards for quality and authenticity. Fig Farms continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the state’s cannabis landscape.

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